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Old World Console Table With Cracked Gesso

Old World Console Table With Cracked Gesso

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Amy Howard At Home Contributor, Kathy Kroening, shows us how to create a beautiful Old World Finish on this console.

Amy Howard At Home Contributor, Kathy Kroening, shows us how she transformed this console with an Old World Finish. Follow her steps and you can create this beautiful finish too! 

Step 1: Clean with Clean Slate

Step 2: Apply Cracked Gesso

Mix Cracked Gesso with water as instructed on the package and apply it with a chip brush to the entire outside of the cabinet.  Let dry and apply a second coat.  Lightly sand with 400 grit sandpaper.


Step 3: Milk Paint Application

Mix Riviera Blue Toscana Milk Paint and water (1:1 ratio), and apply with a sea sponge and long strokes, to the entire piece.  You can make it as messy as you would like!  Let dry. 


Step 4: Paint The Piece

Mix One Step Selznick Grey and Water (1:1 ratio) and cover the entire piece.  Let Dry.


Step 5: Glaze & Stain

Mix Glazed Over, Kensington Black Gel Stain, and Water (1:1:1).  Apply with a sponge and wipe off with a clean lint-free cloth. This really brings out the milk paint color!


Step 6: Seal & Shine

Mixed Mind Your Own Beeswax with Bright Bronze Mica Powder.  Apply with a chip brush and a LIGHT HAND, and buff when comes to tack.


Step 7: A Surprise Inside

For a surprise and refreshing color inside, paint with two thin coats of One Step FRENCH BLUE.  Let dry between coats.  No sealing needed!

Step 8: Seal & Age

Apply Mind Your Own Beeswax to the entire piece.  When it comes to tack, use Dust of Ages in corners and crevices where dust would normally gather over time.  Once dry, buff with a soft lint-free cloth.

Final Step: Enjoy The Bragging Rights!

Add on beautiful hardware and ENJOY THE BRAGGING RIGHTS!



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