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Copycat Malachite Tray

Copycat Malachite Tray

, by Mary Kate King, 4 min reading time

We are here for this stunning DIY to replicate the Malachite pattern. We will give you step by step instructions and all the products needed to create this exact pattern on any surface. Bring this gorgeous look into your home on your next furniture flip, as an art piece, or as an accent like we did. You'll be amazed how easy it is to copycat this look.

Products Used:

Other Products Needed

  • Round Wooden Tray (this technique can be done on any surface or shape)
  • Cardboard or Drop Cloth
  • Three Small Disposable Plastic Cups
  • Hair Dryer or Heat Gun


Step One

Mix equal parts Resin Part A and Hardener Part B. Mix enough resin to fully coat the desired surface area. You may measure Parts A and B out separately to be sure your amounts are exact and then combine into one container. Stir until thoroughly mixed (at least five minutes). 




Step Two

Place the tray or surface on top of the cardboard or drop cloth. If you are applying this technique to a table top or other defined area, tape off the edges and make sure there is a disposable cloth to catch any resin running off the sides.

Once thoroughly mixed, pour a coat of resin onto your surface. Use the Artist brush to spread it out and cover the whole surface area. Allow to sit for twenty to thirty minutes while you move on to the next step and color the remaining resin. 

Step Three

Once thoroughly mixed, pour the resin in equal amounts into your three small disposable plastic cups. You will know color the resin. 

Cut off the very tips of the Colorant bottles. Starting with the Black Colorant, add one to two drops at a time into the first cup of resin and mix well until the color is fully incorporated. You may continue to add drops and mix until the desired color is reached or the color is no longer translucent (no more than ten drops total). Repeat with the second cup of resin and the Pine Green Colorant. For the third cup of resin, add in several drops of both Pine Green and White Colorant (you want a lighter version of the Pine Green). You can play with this until you get the desired affect (no more than ten drops total). 

Once completed, you should have one cup each of colored resin in Black, Pine Green, and lighter Pine Green.



Step Four

Pour the Black colored resin onto the surface in long stripes. This is where you can get creative and play with it until you get the desired effect. Once the Black is poured, allow it to sit for twenty to thirty minutes. 

Complete the same process for the Pine Green and lighter Pine Green colors. Pour in sweeping lines and allow each color to sit for twenty to thirty minutes.

Apply as much or as little of each color as you want to see come through. We applied equal amounts of each color for our end piece.


Step Five

Once the final layer has been allowed to sit for twenty to thirty minutes, take the hair dryer or heat gun and use to combine the colors and manipulate for the desired effect. For a more striking and defined look, apply less heat. For a more combined effect and to blend the colors, use more heat to manipulate them together. 



Allow to dry for at least twenty four hours before displaying or putting to use.
Enjoy the Bragging Rights of your new Malachite Tray!


For more project ideas, techniques, and products, visit Amy Howard at Home and the AHAH Blog.  


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