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DIY Vintage Planter

DIY Vintage Planter

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Take a simple piece and turn it into a sophisticated treasure with our Embossing Gel! In today's blog, Blanca from Furniture With Imagination takes a plain wooden box and turns it into a vintage planter. You have to give this a try!

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Step One

Tape Down Stencil To Surface

Step Two

Spread Embossing Gel Over Stencil, Remove Stencil, And Let Dry

Step Three

Paint Over Design With Toscana Milk Paint

Step Four

Apply As Many Coats As Needed Allowing It To Dry In Between Layers

Step Five

Use A Sea Sponge To Dab On A Different Color Of Toscana Milk Paint (Blanca transitioned between three different colors for this step)

Step Six

Once Dry, Apply Antiquing Glaze With Sea Sponge

Step Seven

Use Metallic Paint To Paint Raised Areas Of The Planter

Step Eight

Offload Wax On Top Of Cardboard Then Apply Over The Surface Of The Planter (always use Light Wax first then Dark Wax)

Embossing Gel is a decorative, water based, acrylic gel medium that dries clear. The clarity allows any color underneath to show through and may be tinted with Mica Powder, Pigment Powder, paints, etc. to create an even more unique look. Use with a furniture stencil or by itself to add raised and detailed texture to your next project. 

One 16 oz. jar of Embossing Gel can cover approximately 12 square feet by brush and 2 square feet by trowel. 

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