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From Bland To Beautiful (how to create priceless character)

From Bland To Beautiful (how to create priceless character)

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Do you have an outdated piece in your home that needs a face lift? In just a few steps, take that piece from bland to beautiful! Watch how Cindy from Cozy Mountain Cottage gives her piece priceless character.

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Additional Supplies

  • Steel Wool


Step One

Clean Your Piece With Clean Slate

Step Two

Mix Bauhaus Buff With English Boxwood To Create A Lighter Green

Step Three

Apply One Coat Of Bauhaus Buff To Piece And Let Dry

Step Four

Take Custom Mixed Color And Lightly Apply On Top Of First Coat And Let Dry

Step Five

Dab On English Boxwood Sparingly 

Step Six

Repeat Step Five With Bauhaus Buff And Let Dry

Step Seven

Load Dark Wax Onto Chip Brush And Offload On To Cardboard

Step Eight

Apply Generously To Piece (only if you want piece to be dark and rustic-looking)

Step Nine

Let Dry

Step Ten

Buff Piece With Steel Wool

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