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Paint With Our Miracle Paint

Paint With Our Miracle Paint

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

This paint truly is a miracle and we are in love! Watch Blanca from Furniture With Imagination transform this chest with Miracle Paint. There are so many things you can do with our Miracle Paint. Scroll below to find out more...

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Step One

Clean Piece With Clean Slate And Allow To Dry

Step Two

Stir Miracle Paint Then Apply The First Coat

Step Three

Once First Coat Is Dry (around 30 minutes), Apply A Second Coat And Let Dy Again

Step Four

Blanca Watered Down Her Miracle Paint With A Quarter Cup Of Water And A Teaspoon Of Paint To Stain The Top Of Her Piece (This is optional) And Then She Wiped It Off With A Paper Towel

Step Five

Blanca Applied Matte Sealer To The Top Part Of The Piece (not the entire chest). She Let The Sealer Dry (around 30 minutes) And Applied Another Two Coats Of Sealer

What Will You Create?

Miracle Paint Highlight

Check out this before and after that Beth Ward did using our Atelier Miracle Paint:

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