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Painting Dated Furniture

Painting Dated Furniture

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Do you have old pieces of furniture you are just waiting to get rid of? Save some money by flipping your furniture with our newest One Hour Miracle Paint. It is incredibly easy to update your dated pieces! See how Kathy from Broaken Roads turns an outdated desk into a beautiful asset with only a few products and no priming or sealing (it is seriously so simple).

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Step One

Clean Piece With Clean Slate And A Lent-Free Rag (let dry)

Step Two

Use 1.5" Brush To Paint On One Hour Miracle Paint (let dry)

Step Three

Add A Second Coat (let dry)

Step Four

Use The Gel Stain To Stain The Top Of The Piece (let dry)

Step Five

Add A Second Coat If Needed

Step Six

Seal The Top Of The Piece With Mind Your Own Beeswax

Step Seven

Once Dry (we recommend waiting overnight), Buff With A Lent-Free Rag

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 One Hour Miracle Paint transforms furniture, cabinetry, front doors, and floors with a durable and beautiful eggshell finish. No prepping, sanding, priming, stripping, or sealing is necessary. 

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