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Throwback Series: Give Your Piece Old World Age

Throwback Series: Give Your Piece Old World Age

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Welcome back to our Throwback Series! In this series, we will be highlighting our favorite DIY projects. Sit back, relax, and watch as we throw it back to our most loved videos. In today's blog, we are going all the way back to 2019! Amy lets Gene takeover today's video. He shows you how to add an old world age look to any piece!

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Step One

Paint Piece With One Step Paint And Let Dry

Step Two

Shake Cracked Patine And Pour Into Container

Step Three

Using A Brush, Paint Cracked Patina On Top Of One Step Paint And Let Dry

Step Four

Apply Another Coat Of One Step Paint, But Make Sure It Is A Different Color From The First One

Step Five

As The Paint Dries, The Cracking Will Start To Appear

Step Six

Use A Clean Brush To Dab The Piece To Pull Away Some Of The Paint

Step Seven

Allow To Dry Then Lightly Sand Piece

Step Eight

Apply One Coat Of Light Antique Wax To Piece

Step Nine

Once Piece Has Come To Tack, Apply A Light Hand Of Dark Wax To Corners And Outer Edges 

Step Ten

Before Piece Fully Dries, Apply Dust Of Ages To Piece Generously

Step Eleven

Tap Off Excess, Buff With A Rag,  And You're Done!



Cracked Patina recreates the warmth and charm that history lends to wooden furniture and the decorative accents that make a house a home. Achieve a lovely cracked finish that once took layers of paint and years and years to develop. It no longer takes years to develop the perfect amount of texture and age for your furniture. With Cracked Patina, you can create a perfectly unique pulled finish on any piece. Simply choose the One Step Paint colors you wish to layer and pair them with Cracked Patina for a beautiful weathered look.

Amy's Tip: Get inspiration for aging furniture from the world around you. I love taking notice of weathered shutters, the layers of paint found on scrap wood, and so much more.

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