Variegated Copper Leaf

Shine and shimmer never looked so good!

Amy Howard At Home Variegated Leaf allows you to tap into techniques developed by Renaissance period artisans. Now your home can feature a bit of dark copper dazzle that does everything from bringing out the best features of your favorite antique furniture to creating modern dishware and decorative accents.


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“Inspired by 18th and 19th century French and Italian furniture…”

Tap into the artistry of the old world.

From ancient masterpieces to boutique shop shelves, Variegated Copper Leaf fits perfectly into any décor for a pop of drama just when you need it most. Perhaps you want to pause for moment before a busy day and enjoy a cup of coffee from your favorite copper-dipped mug. Or maybe you envision a lush piece of wall art reminiscent of the Renaissance Masters. Whatever your style, Variegated Copper Leaf is where you want to start the transformation.

Amy’s Tip: Gilding in its purest form accentuates the form and details of a piece. So make note of the elements that merit enhancement and apply Variegated Copper Leaf to those areas. It can be anything from carved details to molding or even drawer pulls!

Amy Howard At Home Variegated Copper Leaf is sold in booklets of 25 sheets and is 6"x6" in size. Leaf must be paired with Gilding Size or Bole in order to adhere to your surface.

Variegated Copper Leaf