Bright Idea Lacquer – Clear

High gloss finish and protectant all in one!

Bright Idea Clear Lacquer acts as a topcoat for High Performance Furniture Lacquer. It adds a layer of protection and extra glossy sheen to your piece.


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“Lacquer is a timeless and fun way to add a touch of whimsy to your home.”

Nothing says modern chic like the vibrant color and depth of lacquer. For best results, use Amy Howard At Home Furniture Lacquer Primer, spray 2-3 thin coats of High Performance Furniture Lacquer as you lightly sand in between, and finish with Bright Idea Lacquer as your topcoat.

Amy Howard Bright Idea Clear Lacquer

Amy’s Tip: Lacquer is a delicate specialty finish, so keep your lacquered pieces indoors and protected from bumps and scrapes.

Bright Idea Lacquer – Clear