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    Heidi has been designer at heart from as early as she could remember. In fact, her very first memory is about a trip with her family to the local county fair to look at table place settings presented by 4H. Her fascination with design continued throughout her childhood. Heidi’s idea of fun was to tour model homes with her mom on the weekends. Although she didn’t choose a career in art or design for the first half of her life, thankfully she rediscovered her passion for art after being diagnosed with a devastating illness. “Art saved me and helped me find my purpose again”, Heidi says. To that end, Heidi began painting furniture and decorating apartments for a friend in Boston. Infused with a new found sense of purpose, Heidi turned her passion into a business, and “Revive-upcycled heart Upcycled home” was born in 2013.

    Coupled with her concern for the environment, Heidi now includes home decor in her product offerings for Revive. Her decor and furniture products focus on old world and French farmhouse styles - hands down her favorite!

    As it relates to art, Heidi is self-taught and mentored by Amy Howard through her Old-World Finishing course. Heidi also has degrees in business and a 20-year corporate career in Philanthropy. Given this, Heidi donates 10% of her profits to art and environment charities.

    Finally, when not creating, Heidi loves to hike and listen to music. She lives in Mukilteo, WA with her husband, John; son, Caleb; and two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Boomer and Snickers. 

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    Instagram: @reviveheartandhome  FacebookRevive: Up-cycled furniture and home decor


    Heidi Marsh
    Heidi Marsh
    Heidi Marsh Family


    My name is Leah Kendrick with Leah Kendrick Design. I’m a wife and mom of two beautiful girls. I was born in Moscow, Russia and moved here with my family at a young age. I have always had a love for the arts and all things creative. I’ve been singing as long as I can remember and currently sing on the worship team at my church. I love milk glass, perennial gardening and restoring furniture. My passion for repurposing furniture started when I discovered Amy Howard products. I went through my home and transformed almost all of my own tired pieces into something beautiful. That sparked an appreciation and addiction for revitalizing furniture. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with some products and creativity. I love bringing new life into my home and the homes of others.

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    Instagram: @leahkendrickdesign  Facebook: Leah Kendrick Design

    Leah Kendrick


    Hello! I'm Tamara Hudson, a furniture paintin', trend makin', Elvis lovin' girl from the Mid West. I live in Kansas City with my motocross ridin husband, Josh, who's pretty used to me dragging home stray dogs and discarded pieces of furniture for the last 22 years. I love nothing more than cleanin' them up, lovin' on them a bit then finding them a forever home.

    It had always been my dream to own a boutique and we lived that chapter of our story for 15 years. During that time I was introduced to Amy Howard at Home products and even though I didn't know exactly what was about to happen, I KNEW that I would be working with these products. I started teaching classes, speaking at home shows and landed a regular DIY segment on our local morning news. I closed my boutique 2 years ago and I haven't looked back once. As soon as word got out that I was painting full time I have had a full schedule. I haven't had to ask for work once...and for that I am forever grateful. I do custom work in client's homes and it's the best job in the world. I believe that painting projects and decorating are a very organic fluid process and I enjoy walking beside my clients during the journey.

    My personal style is definitely eclectic. I adore Hollywood Regency and Mid Century Modern. I absolutely love ALL THE COLORS and Leopard Print will always be my favorite neutral. I also absolutely LOVE Amy Howard at Home products because they do exactly what they say they will do to achieve the most beautiful and authentic finishes....period.I also believe they give me a special super power" to look at a client's inspiration picture and recreate that finish on their treasures. I have always believed that we should surround ourselves with things we love. Dress You * Dress Your Home XOXO, Tamara

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    Instagram: @absolutelytamara  Facebook: ENCORE

    Tamara Hudson
    Tamara Hudson

    Tamara Hudson


    Born and raised in the Midwest, Kathy Kroening, has a passion for revitalizing furniture that compels her with an untiring desire to create new life in worn, forgotten, and even discarded hidden gems. She specializes in traditional and classic styles. Kathy resides in Kansas City with her husband, has four young adult children, is a full-time employee outside the home, and active in her community church ministries and addiction recovery efforts. This sums me up. My God gave this family to me and they are my whole heart.

    Follow Kathy: 

    Instagram: @boakenroads  Facebook: BrOAKen Roads Furnishings

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