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DIY Chippy Finish To Transform ANY Piece ✨

DIY Chippy Finish To Transform ANY Piece ✨

, by Gene Howard, 4 min reading time

Follow this tutorial to create a beautiful textured chippy finish to transform any piece! This color is so versatile and would work with any piece in any color palette. 

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Vintage Affliction One Step Paint 

Tick Tock One Step Paint

Cracked Patina

Amalfi Coast Toscana Milk Paint

Antiquing Glaze

Kensington Black Gel Stain

Matte Sealer

Get This Look By Following The Steps Below

Step 1: A Coat Of Vintage Affliction

Start this finish with a coat of Vintage Affliction One Step Paint. You can use One Step Paint over previously painted pieces! Apply a thin coat and let it dry for 20 minutes. 

Step 2: Cracked Patina

Take your Cracked Patina in a small cup and use a sponge brush to apply a thin coat. Be sure to go in long, clean strokes as you apply it. If it starts to fish eye, keep brushing it. We do not want any holidays!

Step 3: Mix it up!

Mix a bit of Tick Tock One Step Paint with Vintage Affliction One Step Paint. View the photos below to see the color we are going for. When using Cracked Patina we want to create a lighter and darker layer. 

Step 4: Paint on your lighter shade

Quickly paint on your mixture of Vintage Affliction and Tick Tock! You want to do this quickly because it will start cracking. 

Step 5: Lift The Paint

Use the base of your hands to start lifting the paint! Make sure you don't wait too long because you don't want it to completely dry before lifting. Now you can see the gorgeous darker color peeking through. Let it dry about 30 minutes when you are happy with how it looks.

Step 6: Sand Your Piece

Sand your piece going with the grain to soften the rough texture. 

Step 7: Add A Milk Paint Layer

Mix up Amalfi Coast Milk Paint - using the ratio one part Milk Paint to one part water. Mixing this the night before is ideal and storing it in the fridge. Apply your Milk Paint with a sponge brush, completely covering the piece. Let it dry!

Step 8: Antique Your Piece

Take your Antiquing Glaze and a sea sponge, it's time to antique your piece! Dip your sponge into the glaze and do a pass over your piece. This softens the paint and helps lift it. Next, take a lint free rag and lift some of the paint by pouncing your rag. Let it dry. 

Step 9: Add Gel Stain

Take your Kensington Black Gel Stain and thin it down just a little bit with water. Use your Kensington Black Gel Stain on top of your piece, applying a thin coat. Take a lint-free rag and pounce the stain so your paint is showing through. Go around the edges of your piece with the glaze to create a Halo. Let it dry. 

Step 10: Time To Seal

You can leave this finish as is, because the Gel Stain protects the finish. However, I like to finish with Matte Sealer for a beautiful matte finish. I also added a little Light Wax for a little sheen, let it dry for 20 minutes, and buffed it. 



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