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Make Your Furniture POP With Color Transfers

Make Your Furniture POP With Color Transfers

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Make your furniture POP with our Color Transfers. We used our color crush this week, Hey Y'all One Step Paint, to create a French Country look. Watch as Amy shows you how to use Color Transfers...


Hey Y'all One Step Paint

Color Transfers

Clean Slate

Matte Sealer


How To Use Color Transfers...

  • Remove them from the backing and place the color (glossy) side up on the surface where you would like to adhere the transfer. 
  • Use a wooden stick (included) to rub on the glossy top of the transfer, this will release the ink from the heavy plastic it is on, and adhere it to the surface you are working with.
  • While our transfers are quite durable, if you plan to use them on a high-traffic surface and want additional protection, you can seal them with either our “Matte Sealer” or “Bright Idea” lacquer.
  • For hard, flat surfaces (such as furniture or trays) apply our Matte Sealer with a foam roller.
  • For hard, rounded or odd-shaped surfaces (such as lamps), spray with a coating of our “Bright Idea” lacquer.
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