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DIY Donut Stands

DIY Donut Stands

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

How fun are these donut stands? Create your very own with your favorite shades of One Step Paint. These are sure to make your Saturday morning donuts a little more enjoyable. 


  • 3 Wooden Chair legs (sanded)
  • 6 Wooden Plaques (sanded)
  • 3  3/8” Wooden Rods 9” long (sanded)
  • Peachy Keen - One Step Paint 
  • Palmer Pink - One Step Paint 
  • American Dream - One Step Paint 
  • Light Wax
  • Wedge Specialty Brush
  • Chip Brush
  • Wood Glue
  • Drill and Drill Bits


1. Begin by drilling holes into the center of plaques using a 3/8” drill bit.

2. Then use wood glue to attach the plaques to the top and bottom of the chair legs, making sure the screws on the chair legs go into the bottom plaques. 

3. Allow glue to set according to the instructions on the bottle.

4. Once glue has dried begin painting each stand using American Dream, Palmer Pink, and Peachy Keen One Step Paints. Be sure to always paint into a wet edge. 

5. Once dry, use your Chip Brush to load and then offload your Light Wax. Then apply to the stands.

6. Once wax is dry place your rods into the holes on the top of each stand.

Enjoy The Bragging Rights!


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