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How To: Cerusing Wax

How To: Cerusing Wax

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Sheen and durability in a simple squeezable bottle.

Vintage Wood Mercantile Cerusing Wax is formulated to protect your finishes and give them the rich depth we love in a well-worn antique. This soft, buttery wax squeezes onto metal or wood surfaces and hardens to a clear satin patina. It pairs perfectly with your stained, painted, and raw wood pieces to protect and seal with a vintage sheen.

The beauty of antiques is that they have a story to tell. There is history between every layer of paint and within each spot of exposed wood. Cerusing Wax helps you create and protect these elements of age on your restoration projects. Our exclusive, squeezable wax is easy to work with while remaining extremely strong. Enjoy the durable, vintage protection that Cerusing Wax lends your piece without any color change to your finish.

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    Check Out This Beautiful Before + After Using Our Cerusing Wax
    Watch This Tutorial For An In Depth Explanation (learn how to do it in only 40 seconds!)
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