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HOW TO: Venetian Plaster

HOW TO: Venetian Plaster

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Mary from Mary Corrado Interiors will show you the way this morning. In this video she shows you how to mix, apply, and even add details with Milk Paint to your plaster. Get the look you've always dreamed of!

At Amy Howard at Home, we’ve created a high-quality Venetian plaster that provides truly endless possibilities for a variety of projects. Easy to work with and highly textured, our Venetian plaster has three ingredients: lime, calcium carbonate, and marble dust.

Products Needed: 

Additional Products used: 

  • Mixing cups
  • Tongue depressor or something to mix with
  • Venetian Plaster Trowel
  • Towel


Step 1

Put your Venetian Plaster into a mixing cup, add water and mix. Add enough water to create a paste. 

Step 2

Put plaster onto a Venetian Plaster Trowel. If you are right handed apply Venetian Plaster to left hand edge of the Trowel and If you are left handed apply the Plaster to the right hand edge. At a low angle do some sweeping motions to get the plaster onto the board and once you have some on the board start spreading it all over. Continue this process until you have used all of the plaster you mixed. You will add multiple layers. This will take some time. As it dries it will make a swooshing sound like ice skates on ice, that is what you want to hear as it dries! If you start to see something in the surface, fill it in.

Tip: Clean the trowel with warm water and a towel as you to continue to go over the plaster. This will help get rid of any plaster that starts to dry on the trowel. 

Step 3

Add the A Praying Wife Milk Paint and Venetian Plaster into a mixing cup. Mix them in dry powder form before adding water. Once you have mixed them in powder form, add water and mix to the consistency of sour cream. Take an Amy Howard Furniture Stencil of your choice, and lay it across the top part of the plaster (or where ever you would like the design to go), load up Trowel with the Milk Paint and Plaster mix and run it across the Stencil in a nice even coat. Keep Trowel at a low angle. 

Step 4

That is it! We hope you enjoyed following along. Don't forget to share and tag us in your creations. We can't wait to see what you design with our Venetian Plaster!

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