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How To White Wash Your Brick Fireplace

How To White Wash Your Brick Fireplace

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Does your fireplace need an upgrade, but you can't get yourself to spend all that money?! Completely transform your fireplace into the fireplace of your dreams with only TWO products! Yes, it really is that simple. Kathy from Broaken Roads spills all her secrets in our newest video.

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Step One 

Clean Area With Water And Soap And Let Dry

Step Two 

Clean Area Again With Clean Slate

Step Three

Mix One Part One Step Paint With Two Parts Water And Stir Constantly

Step Four

Apply Paint Mixture To Fireplace And Wipe Away With Wet Towel

Step Five

Repeat Step Four Until The Whole Fireplace Is Covered (make sure to step back every once in a while to look at your work)

Step Six

Let Paint Dry

Step Seven

Apply Matte Sealer To Seal Surface And Let Dry


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