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Milk Paint Makeover

Milk Paint Makeover

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Are you having a creative block? Our Toscana Milk Paint is the perfect product to get you out of that rut. Our Milk Paint will take your latest project from bland to beautiful. Watch as Sonja from Socks On A Rooster takes plain tables and makes them antique with our Milk Paint. Trust us, you don't want to miss this. 

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Step One

Clean Piece With Clean Slate

Step Two

Mix Milk Paint With Water 

Step Three

Paint Piece With Weybridge Classic One Step Paint. This Creates A Binder For The Milk Paint. (this may require two coats)

Step Four

Apply Central Park Milk Paint On Top Of One Step Paint. (this should be a water-color consistency and will require two coats) 

Step Five

Apply Antique Glaze With Cloth (this will seal your Milk Paint)

 Step Six

Load Light Wax On To Brush And Offload Onto Cardboard. Then Apply To Piece.

Step Seven

Apply A Small Amount Of Gold Embellishing Wax On To Edges With Finger.

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