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Rescue, Restore, Redecorate: Potting Bench

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate: Potting Bench

, by Gene Howard, 2 min reading time

Amy Howard At Home Contributor, Kathy Kroening, saw this potting bench and knew she could give it a new life. Follow along as she transforms this bench using One Step Paint, Gel Stains, Glazed Over, and more!

Step 1 - Clean with Clean Slate 

Step 2 - Mix Your Cracked Gesso

Mix Cracked Gesso with water as instructed on the package and apply with a chip brush to entire bench. Let dry. 


Step 3 - Paint with One Step Paint

Using a Chip Brush, paint with One Step Paint in CORAL. Let dry. 


Step 4 - Mix and Apply Toscana Milk Paint

Mix Toscana Milk Paint in RIVIERA BLUE and water (1:1 ratio), and apply with a Chip Brush in long strokes, to entire piece.  Let dry. 


Step 5 - Mix One Step Paint with Water

Mix One Step LAKAI BLUE and Water (2:1 ratio) and cover entire piece. Let Dry.


Step 6 - Time For Some Stain

Mix Glazed Over, Kensington Black Gel Stain, Hazel Mahogany Gel Stain, and Water (2:1:1:2).  Apply with a sponge and wipe off with clean lint-free cloth. This step enriches the paint colors and adds depth to the finish.  It appears as if it were an old family bench now, painted over and loving reused over the years.


Step 7 - Seal

Apply two coats Matte Sealer to the entire bench. 

Step 8 - Add A Fun Message

For a fun twist add a stenciled message or design with A Makers' Studio Mesh Stencils in a lighter One Step color, before applying Matte Sealer.  


Final Step - Enjoy The Bragging Rights!

Display your favorite plants and flowers and ENJOY THE BRAGGING RIGHTS!


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