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3 Types Of Chalk Based Paint Finishes

3 Types Of Chalk Based Paint Finishes

, by Gene Howard, 4 min reading time

3 finishes anyone can do with a chalk-based paint! 

In this tutorial, Amy Howard and her husband Gene cover 3 types of finishes you can achieve using the Amy Howard At Home One-Step chalk-based paint. 


These 3 chalk-based paint finishes are perfect for your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or any other type of furniture and decor. 

STEP 1: Prepare Your Surface 

Clean Your Furniture Surface With Clean Slate

Before starting any project, we want to make sure and clean the surface of our piece to get the best adhesion possible. 

Cleaning your furniture or cabinetry ensures that any silicones, grease, grime or other surfactants are removed. 

We recommend using our Clean Slate and a lint-free rag to thoroughly clean your piece, and wipe the remaining Clean Slate off with a dry lint-free rag. 

Now you’re ready to paint! 

STEP 2: Apply Your Chalk Based Paint 


Now that your furniture or cabinetry is clean, you can begin using your Chalk Based paint to cover your piece. 

We recommend doing two coats using our New One-Step Paint formula to get the absolute best coverage on your furniture and cabinetry. 

When working with Amy Howard at Home One-Step Paint, you don’t have to worry about stripping, sanding, or priming your project before you begin.

We also recommend applying the One-Step Paint with our Synthetic Wedge Specialty Brush because it will lay the paint down much smoother. 

STEP 3: Choose Your Finish 

3 Types Of Chalk Based Paint Finishes


After you’ve painted two coats of the One-Step Paint on your furniture or cabinetry, you’ll want to decide the finish you are going to go with on your piece. 

The great part about using our One-Step Paint on your furniture or cabinetry is that you do not have to seal it if you don’t want to.


1Matte Finish 

The Amy Howard At Home One-Step Paint dries to a lovely matte finish that you do not have to seal. If you decide to choose this finish, you’re all done! 

The One-Step Paint can be cleaned with Windex, or soap and water and it will not affect the matte finish on your furniture or cabinetry.


2. Light Antique Finish 

If you want your cabinets or furniture to have an authentic patina and a light sheen, we recommend using our Mind Your Own Beeswax - furniture wax

You can apply this light antiquing wax using a lint-free rag, making sure not to apply too much at one time. 

TIP: If completing your kitchen cabinets, you can expect to need up to three bottles of our Mind Your Own Beeswax.

You’ll want to give the Mind Your Own Beeswax up to three or four hours to dry before coming back with a lint-free rag to buff it and get a beautiful natural patina. 


3. Light Sheen - High Protection Finish 

With a brush and roller, you can use our Matte Sealer to get a light sheen and add incredible protection to your furniture or cabinetry. 

Start by applying one light coat of our Matte Sealer to your project and letting it dry.  

TIP: Remember that the Matte Sealer goes on white and dries clear. This is also a great way to know when it has dried. 

After applying one light coat, come back with 400 grit sandpaper, lightly sand, then apply a second coat of Matte Sealer.

Lightly sanding your furniture or cabinetry will allow the second coat of Matt Sealer to apply much easier with more coverage. 

After your second coat of Matte Sealer has dried, you’re done! 

Now you can enjoy a durable finish that is easy to clean. 

Ready to get started on your next project?

Here are the Amy Howard at Home refinishing products used in the video: 

  1. One-Step Chalk Based Paint - Weybridge Classic  


  1. Clean Slate furniture cleaner 


  1. Synthetic Wedge Specialty Brush  


  1. Paint Roller Brush 


  1. Mind Your Own Beeswax furniture wax. 


You can view more products by Amy Howard at Home here: 

👉 https://www.amyhowardhome.com

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