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Faux White Concrete Stool with Leaf Print

Faux White Concrete Stool with Leaf Print

, by Gene Howard, 3 min reading time

Follow these steps to create a faux concrete finish using One Step Paint!



1. Begin by cleaning the seat and top of the legs of the stool using a lint-free cloth and Clean Slate.  


2. Then use the painters’ tape to wrap around the legs (depending on the size of your stool) either 1/3 or ¼ of the way down. Make sure to burnish the edges to ensure the paint does not seep through.


3. Then use the Wedge Specialty Brush to apply Dearborne One Step Paint to the top portion of your stool, using nice long stokes, painting in the direction of the grain, and always painting into a wet edge.

4. Once dry apply a second coat of paint. 

5. Next, after the second coat has dried, mix 1 part Parisian Gray One Step Paint to 3 parts water. 

6. Apply a coat of the wash mixture to the stool, working in sections, and then use the lint-free cloth to dab up some of the wash.  Be sure to move the rag around to avoid repeated patterns.

7. Continue layering the wash until you get the desired look.

8. Next, load your foam dome brush with Parisian Gray One Step Paint and then offload using an up-down motion.

9. Using that some up-down motion, apply the paint to the underside of your leaf. Be generous with this but not so much that it begins to puddle. 10. Then turn your leaf over and carefully place it straight down onto the middle of the stool, like a stamp.

11. Press firmly all over the leaf to ensure the paint transfers over. 12. Next, carefully remove the leaf by lifting it straight up. 13. Lastly, carefully remove the Painters’ Tape and allow the paint to cure. Optional, you can seal using one of the Amy Howard At Home Waxes or Sealants if you would like for added protection, durability, and sheen, but it is not necessary.

Enjoy The Bragging Rights!


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