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How To: Create Carrara Marble With One Step Paint

How To: Create Carrara Marble With One Step Paint

, by Gene Howard, 3 min reading time

Love the look of Carrara Marble? Create this beautiful finish on your countertops, floors, the tops of furniture, and more with Amy's tutorial! 

Supplies Needed:

Ballet White One Step Paint

Luxe Grey One Step Paint

Good Man is Hard to Find One Step Paint

Glazed Over


Turkey Feather


1. Start with Ballet White as your base. Using a foam roller feather out the paint so you don't see any seams. You want to do about two coats. 

2. Now we are going to create various mixtures for our scumble:

  • Mix one part Glazed Over, one part Ballet White, and one part water
  • Mix one part Glazed Over, one part Luxe Grey, and one part water
  • Mix one part Glazed Over, one part Good Man is Hard to Find, and one part water
  • Mix some of your Glazed Over/Luxe Grey/Water with your Glazed Over/Good Man/Water

You are creating three colors which will end up being your scumble. 

3. Take your sea sponge (a sponge the size of the palm of your hand is ideal) with your Luxe Grey/Glazed Over/Water mixture. Start by taking your sponge and working in a 45 degree angle on your surface, from upper left to lower right. You want to be using a hit drag motion. 

4. Take a lint-free rag and start blending your negative space. This is softening the Luxe Grey paint, use a patting motion. This will make it so you can't see what tool you used for your scumble. Let this dry for about 20 minutes.

5. Now it's time to incorporate your Good Man is Hard to Find/Glazed Over/Water mixture. Take your sponge and create your organic patterns, be sure to leave open areas. Make a pad using your lint-free rag and blend the edges of your pattern. Leave some patches darker than others. 

6. Now it's time to take your Ballet White/Glazed Over/Water mixture. This will give you a sheerness. Take a foam brush and put your glaze completely over your scumble. Take a lint-free rag and pat your Ballet White glaze, make sure to pat organically. 

7. It's time for some veining! When you are doing veining, you want your veins to be sheer. For this you will create a mixture of 3 parts water, 1 part paint, and 1 part glaze. Pour your mixture onto a plate so it's easy to load up your veining tool, a turkey feather! Load up your turkey feather and offload it onto another plate. You are going to follow the line of your scumble to create your veins, starting in the left going to the lower right. Continue creating organic lines with your feather. Be careful to not create squiggles. 


8. Use your Chip Brush to tap some of your veins so they are not so pronounced. Let your veins dry.

9. Take your Ballet White/Glazed Over/Water Mixture and your foam brush, glaze most of your area. Leave some of your darker lines without glaze. Blend with a lint-free rag in areas you want darker. 

10. Time to seal! You have so many options for this. You could use Bright Idea Lacquer for a shiny finish, you could seal with Matte Sealer then wax it. These will give you a stone like finish. Enjoy The Bragging Rights!



  • Would you recommend the lacquer sealer or the wax for countertops?


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