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How To: Make Your Oak Cabinets Look Like Walnut

How To: Make Your Oak Cabinets Look Like Walnut

, by Gene Howard, 1 min reading time

Amy & Gene show you how to give your Oak cabinets a Walnut look. Using thin coats of our Gel Stain you can give your cabinets a fresh look. Finish off the project with our New! Matte Sealer for a completely matte look.  

Products Used:

Clean Slate

Wedge Specialty Brush

Gel Stain - English Walnut

New! Matte Sealer


  1. Apply Clean Slate to remove all waxes and such from your piece
  2. Using a wedge brush, apply two very thin coats of the Gel Stain. We have a variety of colors to choose from, be sure to offload your brush before applying. 
  3. Let the Gel Stain dry several hours (3+ hours) making sure it is dry to the touch. 
  4. Once your stain is dry, it's time to apply your Matte Sealer. Apply two thin coats of the sealer. 



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